Good morning..

so I’m sitting here having my morning coffee by candlelight! One of my favorite things to do. My puppies are snuggled up beside me. I start everyday this way! Try it someday. It is so relaxing!

Next week will be my last week working on the unit I’ve worked on for 22 years:( I’m so sad to leave my friends/co-workers. They have been there for a lot of my life, my wedding, my kiddos growing up, supporting me when my Meghan had cancer. They are a part of my family. 

Thankfully I still have a job and will be working at the Fairview manor site of AGH. I am looking forward to the new challenge but I am naturally quite nervous. I’ve been a hospital nurse for 22yrs. Long term care will be quite different I’m sure!

I have been doing a bit of colouring and made a couple of cards. The one I’m going to show you today was made for a friends fathers birthday. She wanted something fun and musical. I hope she likes it! 



Image-psychedelic Syd coloured with my copies

 I loved colouring up this image. I found the papers just by chance at our local dollar store, after going to micheals and finding nothing that caught my eye!   I did find some water colouring paints though. I have the pencils and a small palette of hard blocks of w/c paints, but the colors were limited and I didn’t like using the pencils. I found them to be a pain in the butt! I am really happy with theses paints though. The colourin are a lot more intense and they were easy to use. And they were a good price. I got them at winners-9.99!!

Well I should go and start some design team work. New release day is Monday at My Whimsical Little World. The line up for May is adorable and I can’t wait to see what my design team mates come up with! 





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