Happy Mothers Day

i had a wonderful Mother’s Day. 

My daughter made the four of us breakfast and I didn’t have to do a thing all day.

I made a card for my mother using one of Rick at. Dennis’ ” hat ladies”. I really enjoyed colouring these ladies and I’m hoping to make a series of cards using them.


I think I’m starting to get the hang of the shabby chic thing. There are a few things I’m not completely happy with here, but hey it’s a learning process! My mom loved it so really that is all that matters❤️

I used my new light box outside today and I used the parchment paper to cover the top instead of the cheesecloth. It worked so much better. 

I retook the photo of my “dance” card and it made such a difference. I’ll post both so you can see the difference.



The top photo was indoors and with cheesecloth to cover. The bottom photo outside using parchment paper to cover. Quite a difference!

Well I should go to sleep. I start my new job tomorrow. 

Wish me luck😜



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